CBT Behavioural Experiments


CBT is an effective treatment for the management of common mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression. The CBT behavioural experiments is an app designed to support young people (and older) though the steps of completing a behavioural experiments and the change that this can bring to improve mood.

With use of an interactive manga style story, two characters (Zee and Tao) will guide you through the steps involved in planning, running and reviewing behavioural experiments to alleviate experience of low mood and anxiety and to support positive change. Each character will describe their own journey though using experiment and will support the user in completing theirs.

Within the app a journey through the following steps are supported:

The app is intended for use alongside a mental health practitioner, but may be of use of on its own to anyone interested in understanding CBT and taking steps to make changes. Language used is intended to be supportive of young people looking to understand and use this CBT intervention to support mental wellbeing. The app is not intended to replace therapy or treatment but can be supportive of this, or help to learn more about this CBT intervention.

Privacy policy

This privacy policy describes how CBT Behavioural Experiments uses and protects any information that you enter when you use the application.

CBT Behavioural Experiments is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should you enter information (data) when using this application, then you can be assured that it will only be used as stated and we will not change the use of your data without updating this policy.

This policy is effective from 1st December 2020

The CBT Behavioural Experiments application does not process any personal information for onward transmission or use by any third party. We do not collect any information, or monitor use of the application. The application is only intended for personal use.

What is stored in the mobile application / phone handset

Information entered by the user may be stored in the phone. User entered data such as diary information which is gathered as part of the story is only saved on the mobile phone if they user enters the information and chooses to save the information. This information is only saved onto the mobile phone if desired and is not processed or sent outside of the application by the application. The user can use the application without entering any information if they prefer.

If the user of the CBT Behavioural Experiments application wishes to delete the data or remove the data saved on their mobile phone then they may do so by using the delete button within the user story or settings page.

What messages are sent by the application?

No messages or emails are sent by the CBT Behavioural Experiments application to any third party. However, if the user wishes to email a report to another person such as their practitioner, they may do so using their own email service such as Gmail, or any other email service.

Using other third party email services

To assist the user of the CBT Behavioural Experiments application we have given the user an option to link to their email service. If the user chooses this option once they leave the application they should note that we do not have any control over this email service. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for the protection and privacy of any information that you may provide whilst using such a third party email service, or be responsible for any errors in addressing the email. You should exercise caution when emailing your information and ensure that you have used the correct email address.

Security of your information

If any data is entered into the application and saved on the phone, such as a information entered into the ‘experiment’ report sections, then it is advisable that the mobile phone user considers protecting unauthorised access of their information by securing their mobile phone when it is not in use. This can be done by using the standard security features such as the pin number access setting on a mobile phone. To support ease of use the CBT Behavioural Experiments application does not have any additional access controls. It is the mobile phone owners’ responsibility to secure access to any personal information stored on their mobile phone.

Data controller and owner

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